Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Farweell Team Meeting

First in relationship to 2010 when I met a special friend who received the Special Gift and accepting my gift from my grandfather I recieved in 1968 this was all in His planning some fourty years ago. Now 2011 let us look even farther back then  to the present. 2 Corinthians explains so much of my past. 1 chapter v 8-11 Brothers and sisters, we want you to  know about the trouble in Asia. We had great burdons there that were beyond our own strength. We even gave up  hope of living. Truly in our own hearts we believed we would die . But this happened so we would not trust ourselves but in God, who raises people from the dead. God saved us from these great dangers of death and He will continue to save us  And you can help us with your prayers. Then many people will give thanks for us that God blessed us because of their many prayers.
Scriptures continue to amaze me everything I do was in His plan and documented a long time ago.
 There was one bird released for each vet today, Question is did anyone hold to a part of Asia, is the past history or will only seconds each day remind us fron the past. Last April I choose to leave Vietnam In Vietnam, I'm proud  I couldn't let this chapter in my life be in the past.   Now Vietnam is my future (at this time I have no desire to return here)  I will leave the future for the future. But I am sure there is so much I can do from home.
NOW THE GOOD PART this is how it all happens  2 Corinthians Ch5  V17-20  If anyone belongs to Christ, there is a new creation. The old things have gone, everything is made new! All this is from God. Through Christ, God made peace between us and hemself, and God gave us the work of telling everyone about the peace we can have with Him. God was in Christ making peace between the world and himself. In Christ, God did not hold the world guilty of its sins. And He gave us this message of peace so we have been sent to speak for Christ It is as if God is calling to you through us. We speak for Christ when we beg you to be at peace with God.
Tomarrow we are leaving Vietnam, But my memories will last forever, I fill sadden that everyone doesn't have the oppurnity to study in a real classroom called Experiencing God through the Vietemese people.
My journalism is failing grades but I love to share my experiences. Something else water don't blot computer screens so I use my hanky to clean up

In His Protection

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Celebrating what?  A wonderful fruitful journey. Traveling with new friends from US, also remembering those adults and children from the clinics.  Charlene stated she wasn reading the book Purpose Driven Life, thats something to celebrate here x2.
Below I enter a copy of letter I recieved on last day of clinic

Sat Feb 26th 2011
Binh Dien, Hue, Vietnam
Today is the last day of this mission Grandpa!
Everyones still working so hard although I know that all of us
are tired But I'm sure we are happy.

Grandpa, ya I wanna call you by that lovely and respctful title.
As I said to you before you're warm and kind.
You  are warm and kind the way you loveing everyone, the people here,
the team, and us translators
Until now I still don't know why I have such special feeling with you.
Youknow, my mom  was died 10 years ago when I was just a little  girl
and now I'm the eldest sister in family my dad wants me to replace the
role of a woman's family, take care of family cooking, do housework
helping my younger sisters in their studying and sometimes be like a burdon to me
I ofter feel that all the world are on my shoulders. But since I met you listen to
what you said I open my heart  I just think that why I had such selfish stupid
Grandpa! So i am going to HCM city a hustle and bustle place to find a job
to earn my living. And my  day expects me to earn alot of money so that
I can support for my youngest sisters studying. It makes me fill pressured alot.
I love you GrandpaI wish I could be side you and take care of you like a
I know that challanges and difficultys are waiting me ahead. But they are
the things for me to overcome, not to be afraid of , right
With my bare hands I enter life I believe I hope I can lead my life on the
right track love you Grandpa, Gonna miss you so much
I wish you all the best things in the world 
Sincerly Yours,

Later I may share more letters ????

Monday, February 28, 2011

Going The Exra Mile Award

Furama Resort Danang

Today {Tuesday} a day for reflection and team meeting 9:00 am. What has He seen through me or better  what have I saw through Him, reflections or rejection. I do remenber meeting her (               ) again
from 2010 also translator farwell speech that I'm sure was controlled by the H S, so few words so much meaning.
Yesterday morning I traveled into Hue City with Chin (in country P/////) visiting hospitals WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. I have no idea what or where I may go or do next but for sure this trip has became full circle. It was very hard standing last waiting for His directions. Now back to hospital visit we visited two hospitals same situation both places, paying all charges before you can enter for treatment or surgery.  Chin was paying charges for VWAM  special patients. At those hospitals patient were being transferred from one building to the next crossing street traffic the beds have no mattress only bamboo mats the elder and kids were all the same situation.
Now back to the clinic, shopping or anywhere CHILDREN want love. seems as if too few have time for them, they are crying for us and very receptive to His messsage.
Visiting Hue one day eating Vietemese food, coffee shops, touring reminded of a recent study Experiencing God. Each time I step out and understand more my relationship  is stronger. Not sure riding motorbike you can understand.
Pictures today were taken at Hospital. I  am here to deliver His message not saying many words Actions and expressions thats all I may use. Now is the time to examine myself AM I REALLY WHO I SAY I AM?
This is true here there and for everywhere and everyone

In Gods love

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Friend 2010

UPS may deliver faster but, there are other means of delivery 2010 first order was recieved,     instructions read and following this I am sure by word of mouth.
Now the pictures #1 someone from 2010 she is 26 a school teacher teaching 70+ kids very nice and needed reading materials that has eternal lasting power next #2 the teacher has a 16 year old sister also vey beautiful and intellegent #3 you will see bathroom of new medical facility very large and has 0 equiptment, yesterday big ones has a meeting lots attended as they were leaving flowers ect. were taken with personel. The furniture chairs etc. was put there Friday probably removed today. #4 patient leaving with wheel chair (his firts)  #5 very hard security at work helping elder down steps (I cannot count those people saying thank you some english language others smiles, squeezing hand hugging AND some older men and women with smiling eyes and loving  hearts)  #6 YOU DECIDE #7 kid attack I may need help #8 SHORTY BOB thanslator look for her in a special seriels #9 three special Vietemese ladies who give so much to life the people that come in contact with one worked with out 2010 team the others 2011 today I was blessed to have them as my tour guides sooo we  had time to discuss my favorite subjects its amazing the impact one plays without thinking. What did we do/go breakfast down town then outdoor coffee shop boat trip up the purfume river after returning from the boat I climed back on motorbide traveling to shop there I purchased something it will be completed and deliver here tonight then off on motorbike again for lunch THEN were were traveling again outside coffee shop (we set on little plastic stools on sidewalk) the coffee was so strong I could only drink less than one quarter of it AND served in small  cup one fifth full from there we traveled (by motorbike) to Big C super market, purchased coffee to bring home.    One of the translators called taxi I was off to Pilgrimage Village and tomarrow we travel by van to Danang 

Friday, February 25, 2011

U C Now

These pictures are the color of Love shown around the world, it all starts at home and reaches as far as YOU will take it. Love is always present if know it, show it and accept it, love isn't always recieving we must give love to recieve love.
Tonight VWAM team members and translators ate dinner at the Mandarium, translators are leaving us now It remindes me of high school graduation so many sad faces, each translater spoke ll Cor. 5:18 was the subject for some translators included a few tears. Also, Phoung stated she now understands recieving in giving and giving is recieving her new grandpa explained and many other  Guided subjects.
A special translator has written a three page letter concernig her mothers death and now she is expected/required to help provide for two younger sisters.
We have worked six days at the clinic, today we gave several wheelchairs maybe five one self propelled.
Today it is hard to share my feelings so many experiences, emotions, love for these people I now love
Again have I displayed Gods presence available to them, my answer is clear yes with Him present He leads me.
Tomarrow I meet a guest early (highlight of this trip/\ so far) then I plan on touring Hue City Sunday we travel to Danang
Enjoy the pictures as I have enjoyed these kids
Pray that Gods healing hands will touch them

In Gods Protection


I share pictures some you will understand others only I can,  each photo had  a special meaning .
At the beginning Monday until we moved yesterday there was more small childern that adults many more childred, today at this clinic very few children yet I was holding a small baby and playing with other kids.
It isn't about the kids but that is my relationship with adults for the adults
Later tonight now we go eat
Emily look at all those supplys in action it takes so little to be so much God provides the resources and we must distribute those resources. Yes Sandy I am giving/getting hugs each time is different and special because they see and ask where are you from and why here BOOM now I can tell where from and why I come here also Who keeps sending me.
As I said from the beginning same place do it over again, each day it goes farther in the other direction. I recognize the direction am trying very hard to stay focused, now it isn't why am I here instead who for.
BFA and BFA for His Glory otherwise it doesn't matter
Thanks Marie I recieve your e-mail prayer praise letters
The blog should feature the security team today,

In Gods Hands

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day Four

Two pictures are better than none, I'm trying. Notice the coats it is very cool for the Vietemese people. Now for what happened at the clinic I understand there is some special patients identified treatment started but the follow up may include  surgery or many other types of treatment. Example would be last evening when two patients came to visit Chuck and Joette (read blog Pictured is  a small child showing her new
hair bows. main subject today I was handed a small baby to care for not one time but two each time i cared for the baby seemed as if one half hour each. I was tired so we sit in the shade some I managed okay
After work some went to Big C shopping for grocerys we have to pack our lunch tomarrow  and Saturday
After shopping for grocerys we were joined for dinner by six of the translators and Jolly and yes I have some Vietman clothing. Also I now understand BFA and MIH even more all must start sometime and somewhere Pittsburg or inner citys welcome us and we should leave with a different heart. As I prepare for tomarrow I shall look for another special situation

He is in control I must follow